Bale sparkles to take Wales to 2022 World Cup after 64-year wait

05 Th6 2022 | 21:41

Wales stunned Ukraine to win a European final ticket to the 2022 World Cup final in Qatar following the sparkle of star Gareth Bale.

Faithful to the nature of the battle for the final ticket to Europe Qatar 2022 World Cup Finalboth played at high speed from the first minute of the game.

A range of opportunities are created, but no one really has full control. Wales is the one who controls the game, however Ukraine Show that they are playing at full strength.

Bale shines to bring Wales to Ukraine for 2022 World Cup 145159
Ukraine and Wales both played fast in the first few minutes

The Blue Shirts also had their first dangerous ball, when a dangerous finish from Roman Yaremchuk allowed Wayne Hennessey to make a 12th minute effort.

Even so, with the star class, Gareth Bell After 34 minutes, he made a sound to help Wales open the scoring. In the case of a dangerous free kick from the former Real Madrid midfielder, the inadvertent rotation of the ball made captain Andrei Yarmolenko an own goal.

After getting the ball, Ukraine immediately came to tie the game, and after being fouled in the penalty area of ​​Yarmolenko, they succeeded slightly. However, referee Antonio Lahoz said Ukraine would not be penalized. 1-0 is the final result after the first 45 minutes.

Bale sparkles to take Wales over Ukraine to 2022 World Cup 145164
Bale has a dangerous free-kick that leads to Andreya Molenko’s header

In the second half, the players on both sides still maintained a wonderful game. Aaron Ramsey missed a very unfortunate opportunity when the former Arsenal man’s toe shot missed the net.

Along with the Ukrainian players, they also struggled to find their way into the Welsh goal, however, goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey played well on the day, making numerous fine saves.

In the closing minutes, both Ukraine and Wales scrambled to find their targets. In the 75th minute, Brennan Johnson hit the ball in Bushshan’s goal, and then Gareth Bale appeared in danger in Ukraine’s goal, but fortunately the visiting team did not lose the second goal.

Hennessey, on the other hand, had to keep showing his talent after Andrei Yarmolenko and Artem Dovbeek came in a few minutes later.

Despite the enormous effort, luck in this match was not on the Ukrainian side. After a stifling 90 minutes at Cardiff City Stadium, they accepted a 1-0 victory for Wales to advance to the 2022 World Cup final in Qatar.

Bale sparkles to take Wales over Ukraine to 2022 World Cup 145162
Welsh players’ joy contrasted with Ukrainian team’s tears

It was a well-deserved victory for the home team, especially Gareth Bale. He was the man who created Yarmolenko’s own goal and has been the main defender of the backline ever since.

With this victory, Wales will enter Qatar at the end of the year, where they will be in the same group as England, the United States and Iran. As for Ukraine, they played resiliently and were able to leave the game with their heads held high.

Result: Wales 1-0 Ukraine

Score: Andriy Yarmolenko 34′ (O own goal)



Wales have officially secured their tickets to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar following a 1-0 win over Ukraine.


Ukraine yellow card

Ukraine’s Mikhailo Mudrik is booked for a bad reaction.


Wales changed people

Welsh side Reece Norrington-Davies will replace Neko Williams.


important time minutes

The clash will have 5 minutes of overtime.


Artem Dovbeek missed opportunity

Artem Dovbyk missed an unfortunate chance to equalise for Ukraine when his high header failed to send the ball into the net.


Bell leaves the field

Wales striker Gareth Bale will leave the pitch to be replaced by Harry Wilson.

Wales 1-0 Ukraine Live: Both sides missed consecutive opportunities 145156

Ukraine equalised

Andrei Yarmolenko scored after an unsafe clearance, but he was still irretrievable. The game was very interesting.


Ukraine continues to change people

Mykhailo Mudryk and Artem Dovbyk of Ukraine are names brought by Mr. Oleksandr Petrakov for Viktor Tsygankov and Roman Yaremchuk.


Bale missed opportunity

Gareth Bale had just tested the Ukrainian side with Bushshan, but he managed to block the former Real Madrid star’s shot.

Wales 1-0 Ukraine Live: Both sides missed consecutive opportunities 145154

Vertical rod saves Ukraine

The Post had just saved Ukraine, having come on to replace Welsh side Brennan Johnson.


Wales substitute

After the Ukrainian change, a similar change took place in Wales. Brennan Johnson succeeds Daniel James.


Ukraine increases firepower

Coach Oleksandr Petrakov decided to add players to increase Ukraine’s firepower. Mykola Shaparenko and Sergiy Sydorchuk will replace Taras Stepanenko and Ruslan Malinovsky.


James misses a dangerous situation

Daniel James missed a very unfortunate situation after a shot from the edge of the box. Wales corner.

Wales 1-0 Ukraine live: Both sides missed consecutive opportunities 145155

Miss Ukraine

Very unfortunate mistakes by Viktor Tsygankov and the Ukrainian side Roman Yaremchuk when headers from both players failed to send the ball directly into the Hennessy net.


Wales manager must get a yellow card

Referee Antonio Lahoz decided to show Wales manager Rob Page a yellow card. It seems he has had outrageous remarks with the referees who work in this La Liga.


I’m so sorry Wales

Negligence in the Ukraine defence set the stage for Aaron Ramsey (Wales) to finish. But unfortunately, his toe shot did not send the ball into the net.


Second round begins

The home team is the server for this round.


time is over

Wales and Ukraine won the home team 1-0 in the first half.


Injury time in the first half

There will be 2 minutes of overtime in the second half.


Ukraine has no penalty

Andrei Yarmolenko fell in the penalty area, but after consulting with VAR, referee Antonio Lahoz decided it was not a penalty against Ukraine.


Wales open the scoring

Wales finally opened the scoring in the game. From Gareth Bale’s free-kick, captain Andrei Yarmolenko fumbled for an own goal. The Dragons are now 1-0.

Wales 1-0 Ukraine Live: Gareth Bale opens 145143

Ukraine yellow card

Referee Antonio Lahoz shows Vitali Mykolenko a yellow card for shaking hands with Wales players.

twenty four’

the game is ok

The Welsh-Ukraine confrontation is still going on at high speed.

Wales 0-0 Ukraine Live: Both sides attack 145140
twenty one’

Do Not Enter

Oleksandr Karavaev’s blunder on the Ukrainian side “saved the hosts Wales.


Daniel James dangerous lob

The hanging of Wales midfielder Daniel James is relatively dangerous. Still, Ukraine’s defenses are well organized.


Do Not Enter

The finish for striker Yaremchuk (Ukraine) was dangerous, but Hennessey was in control.

Live Wales 0-0 Ukraine: Hot from the first minute 145137
The Wales-Ukraine match was very tense from the start


A long shot from Liverpool youngster Neko Williams. Goalkeeper Bush, however, played well.


Wales receives consecutive yellow cards

Joe Allen had two consecutive yellow cards for a dangerous foul and Daniel James’ reaction error. Referee Antonio Lahoz made a very strong decision.


earth begins

Wales-Ukraine match officially begins

Wales vs Ukraine live stream: Lineup 145129
Passionate Wales fans before the game


Wales (3-4-2-1): Hennessey, Ampadu, Rodon, B Davies; Roberts, Ramsay, Allen, N Williams; Bell, James, Moore.

Ukraine (4-1-4-1): Bushshan, Karavaev, Zabarny, Matvyenko, Mikorenko, Stepanenko, Yarmolenko, Malinovsky, Zinchenko, Zigankov, Ya Remchuk.

The winners of Wales v Ukraine travel to Qatar in November, where they will be drawn in Group B with rivals England, the United States and Iran.

If Wales manager Robert Page helps his side beat Ukraine, he will go down in British history.

Live Wales vs Ukraine, 5 June 23:00 144921
Wales big chance to play in Qatar 2022 World Cup final

At that point, the 47-year-old strategist will take the lead in bringing the Dragons back to the biggest football festival on Earth, the only time the team has attended since 1958.

It wasn’t easy for Gareth Bale and his team-mates when they didn’t have a very successful qualifying period when they had to share a group with Belgium, who are currently on the FIFA list number one team.

Bale’s class has spoken out, however, with a brace at home against Austria in March to advance to the final round of qualifying for a ticket to the 2022 World Cup.

Through Scotland’s game, perhaps Wales understand that their upcoming rivals Ukraine are playing with more than 100 per cent ability and spirit.

Coach Oleksandr Petrakov’s army has endured a tough game for the first time in an official international competition following the clashes between Ukraine and Russia.

They beat Scotland convincingly 3-1 at Hampden Park in the middle of last week, on a day when their brightest star Oleksandr Zinchenko came out on top with a superb assist at the end of the game.

The yellow team has a total of 9 unbeaten games recently, and the results are relatively positive. Even so, Andrei Yarmolenko or goalkeeper Andrei Pyatov would be hard-pressed to stop Wales’ strong promotion.

Ukraine is playing with great spirit and form

Especially now that they have Gareth Bale in front of them, Real Madrid’s Champions League winner at the time. The name on the Ukrainian side is difficult to solve.

However, Ukraine is fortunate that, apart from Bell, there are not many stars who can shine at present.

Former Arsenal and Juventus player Aaron Ramsey is now in the final stages of his career at Rangers. Meanwhile, former Manchester United midfielder Daniel James almost had to be relegated in a Leeds shirt.

Therefore, Ukrainian fans can fully believe that their team will perform miracles at this time.

Pre-match information

  • Wales Only 2 of the last 5 matches have been won.
  • Ukraine Won the last 3 games in all competitions.
  • Ukraine Unbeaten in their last 3 meetings with Wales.
  • 3 of the last 5 games Wales Over 2.5 goals.
  • two of the last three games Ukraine Over 2.5 goals.

Head-to-head achievement

Live Wales vs Ukraine, 5 June 23:00 144924
The record of the two teams

Live Wales vs Ukraine, 5 June 23:00 144922
Welsh most recent form

Live Wales vs Ukraine, 5 June 23:00 144923
Ukrainian most recent form

force information

  • Wales: There were no serious injuries.
  • Ukraine: There were no serious injuries.

possible team

  • Wales: Hennessey, B. Davies, Rodon, Ampadu, N. Williams, Wilson, Allen, Ramsey, Roberts, James, Bale.
  • Ukraine: Bushshan, Karavaev, Zabarny, Matvyenko, Mikorenko, Stepanenko, Yarmolenko, Malinovsky, Zinchenko, Zigankov, Ya Remchuk.