Belgium ‘dry’ ahead of Netherlands in rain of goals

03 Th6 2022 | 21:07

(Belgium vs Netherlands football result) – With a blunt attack, a poor player, Belgium had an unforgettable Nations League opening day before the Netherlands at home “dry”.

Immediately after the opening whistle, Belgium and the Netherlands actively accelerated the pace of the game, looking for a “pre-emptive” goal.

That game kept both sides creating dangerous situations. However, there were no goals in the first few minutes of the game. It is worth noting that Belgian defender Castagne also hit the Dutch crossbar in the 14th minute.

Belgium 'dry' ahead of Netherlands in rain of home goals 144567
Lukaku had to leave early due to injury after a collision with Nathan Ake.Photo: Internet

After an attractive tit-for-tat period, the two teams suddenly played together and the game slowed down a bit. However, the opening goal of the game came during a period of balls that looked innocuous.

In the 42nd minute, the Netherlands counterattacked, but the Belgian players had time to retreat. The man currently holding the ball on the away team is Bergwijn.

Feeling unable to serve, the Tottenham striker suddenly delivered a demonstrative pubic strike from almost 30m outside the Belgian box.

The ball came in with a perfect curve, forcing goalkeeper Mignolet to get into the net. As for S. Bergwijn, he opened the record with a beautiful masterpiece.

Belgium 'dry' ahead of Netherlands in rain of home goals 144568
Bergwijn created a game-breaking masterpiece.Photo: Internet

Belgium received a shocking goal and were about to concentrate on finding it, but the striker’s poor performance put them at a deadlock.

Even if the attack didn’t work out, Belgium went on to get a bitter “recovery” when Depay used a very quick counter-attack to open the gap for the Netherlands.

After the second goal, Belgium seemed to have completely lost the momentum of the game. The home pitch proved to be extremely uncreative, while the Orange Whirlwind showed football full of speed.

Belgium 0-4 Netherlands Live: Depay Double 144563
Depay had a fine day with a brace against Belgium.Photo: Internet

As a result, coach Van Gaal’s pupils scored two more goals before the end of the game, aided by Dumfries in the 61st minute and Depay in the 65th minute.

The Netherlands, with 4 “capital” goals, aggressively played low and slowed down to minimise injury risk and keep players healthy. As for Belgium, their efforts only paid off thanks to the striker’s goal in the 90th+2nd minute on M. Batsuayi’s field.

In the end, Belgium “dried up” the Netherlands at home with a score of 1-4, and spent an extremely memorable opening day of the Nations League.

Results Belgium 1-4 Netherlands

Score: S. Bergwijn (42′), Depay (51′,65′), Dumfries (61′), Batsuayi (90’+2)



Belgium lost 1-4 to the Netherlands


But there is an honorable winner! ! !

Thanks to M. Batsuayi, Belgium finally scored a glorious goal


Only 3 minutes left in overtime



Over the past few minutes, Belgium have started to look high, looking for a glorious goal, but their efforts have yet to bear fruit.


There is no table to win! ! !

Castagne has just put the ball into the Dutch net but the ball is ruled out for offside


Do Not Enter

De Bruyne’s long-range shot was too tight, and goalkeeper Cillesson had to save the ball with his fingertips


pay for backup

V. Van Dijk crossed the line to Blind’s head, and the former MU player assisted Depay with a header to escape and scored the 4th goal for Holland.

Belgium 0-4 Netherlands Live: Depay Double 144563
sixty one’

widen the difference

From a very quick counter-attack, Holland scored the third goal thanks to Dumfries’ precise close-range ball.

Direct Belgium 0-3 Netherlands: Flooded hosts 144561


Despite playing at home, Belgium were completely deadlocked in their search for goals to cut the score. Even the Red Devils faced an extremely dangerous counterattack from the Netherlands.


Pay double the difference

Depay received a diagonal thrust from Klassen and used his speed to wipe out the Belgian defender before hitting Mignolet’s net

Belgium 0-2 Netherlands: Depay doubles the difference by 144558

The second half of the game begins.Dutch service


At the end of the first half, Belgium led the Netherlands 1-0 at home.


4 minutes of injury time in the first half


There are no pens in the Netherlands! ! !

From the Dutch player’s cross, the referee believed that Castagne let the ball touch his hand, but after checking the VAR, the Belgian defender made an effective block when he made a clearance with his face.


surprising opening numbers

From a seemingly innocuous dribbling phase, S.Bergwijn hit a stellar strike from outside the box, sending goalkeeper Mignolet into the net to pick up the ball.

Belgium 0-1 Netherlands directly: Chinese Super League score 144555

penalty! ! !

K. De Bruyne took a long-range free kick, but the ball was too light and was easily caught by goalkeeper Cillesson.


not allowed

Depay made a quick cut from outside the penalty area and the ball was slightly higher than the Belgian crossbar.


Do Not Enter

Depay escaped and ran to the 2nd line to allow D. Blind to complete the ball, sending it out of the Belgian goal.


Belgium barely replaced

Lukaku leaves the game injured, replaced by Trossard

Live Belgium 0-0 Netherlands: The game is tight 144553
twenty two’

Game suspended after Lukaku injured in collision with Ake

Belgium 0-0 Netherlands Live: Homes hit the crossbar 144548

Do Not Enter

The mistake of not understanding the intentions of the two Belgian centre-backs created the conditions for Berghuis to come to an end in the face of the goalkeeper.Fortunately for the organizers, Mignolet was the winner

Belgium 0-0 Netherlands Live: Homes hit the crossbar 144551

Do Not Enter

Received a very open ball in the penalty area, Castagne launched a shot and hit the crossbar of the Netherlands goal


not allowed

Lukaku runs away quickly after Eden Hazard’s pass but the Belgian striker fails to catch Ake

Belgium 0-0 Netherlands Live: Homes hit the crossbar 144546

From the first minute of the game, both Belgium and Holland played aggressively and wide open.


Game start

Home team Belgium serve first

Team to SAN

Belgium Mignolet, Vertonghen, Boyata, Alderweireld, Castagne, Witsel, De Bruyne, Meunier, Hazard, Lukaku, Wanakam

Netherlands: Cillessen, Timber, Van Dijk, Aker, Dumfries, Berghughes, Klassen, De Jong, Blind, Bergwijn, Depay.

Despite their strength, Belgium have always shown they have problems achieving their goals. At Euro 2020, the Red Devils were quickly eliminated by defending champions Italy in the quarter-finals. In last season’s Nations League, they did better after reaching the semi-finals and then losing 2-3 to France.

Belgium is gradually passing the “golden generation” years.Photo: Internet

At the same time, in this year’s UEFA Nations League, the Orange Cyclones missed their contract with the champions when they held this tournament for the first time in the 2018/2019 season and really wanted to achieve positive results.

After a disappointing Euro 2021, the Netherlands put on a strong makeover and enjoyed a successful Euro 2022 qualifying campaign. Accordingly, coach Van Gaal’s team won 5 wins and 2 draws in the last 7 qualifying rounds, thus obtaining tickets to the World Cup final. If you take the long view, Holland are unbeaten in all 9 games over the past year.

Compare Belgium. The Netherlands is developing a new generation of potential players.Photo: Internet

For Belgium, this League of Nations may be a big test for the young lineup after the “golden generation” has gradually passed. The upcoming Nations League games will be an opportunity for head coach Roberto Martinez to carefully prepare for his ambitions at the end of the year in Qatar at the World Cup.

Belgium also maintain a commendable record, unbeaten in all eight group matches in World Cup qualifiers, including six victories.

Belgium vs Netherlands when?

When: March 6 at 1:45 a.m.

League: UEFA Nations League

Venue: King Baudouin Stadium, Kingdom of Belgium

Where can I watch Belgium vs Netherlands live? which channel?

Currently, no TV station in Vietnam has the right to broadcast the Nations League. All progress of the competition will be reported in real time in this article.

(Watch link will be updated a few minutes before the game starts)

Belgian to Dutch form

Belgium have 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss in the past 5 games.

Netherlands have 3 wins and 2 draws in the last 5 games

They met in the past 5 times,Belgium has defeated the Netherlands 2 times, and won 3 draws and undefeated.

Belgium vs Netherlands

  • Belgium: Courtois out with muscle strain, Jason Denayer injured
  • Netherlands: all out

Expected lineup for Belgium vs Netherlands

  • Belgium: Castel; Oderweireld, Boyata, Vertonghen; Meunier, Thielemans, Witsel, Carrasco; Ozal, Lukaku, De Bruyne
  • Netherlands: Flaken; De Ligt, Van Dijk, Acker; Dumfries, Berghughes, Kupminus, De Jong, Blind; Weghorst, Memphis

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