Carlo Ancelotti: ‘It was too easy to beat Liverpool’

30 Th5 2022 | 20:45

The repercussions of Real Madrid’s 14th C1 Cup win seem to have not ended. Recently, coach Ancelotti made a very enthusiastic statement.

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Real Madrid are officially crowned kings of Europe this season after beating Liverpool 1-0 in the Champions League final.

Carlo Ancelotti: 'It was too easy to beat Liverpool' 142866
“Kaletto” still can’t calm down after winning the historic championship with Real Madrid.Photo: Internet

Although more than two days have passed since then, coach Carlo Ancelotti does not appear to have lost his excitement. Recently, the “Mirror” quoted the very enthusiastic position of the Italian military leaders, but “sprinkled salt” on the opponent Liverpool.

“We tried to beat Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea and Manchester City. However, It’s too easy to beat Liverpool Compared to their opponents in previous rounds, Real Madrid”.

The reason why the Blancos won the championship, the 62-year-old leader said: “Unlike teams in the knockout stages, Real Madrid already know who the opponent is and have plenty of time to prepare.”

“I train them (Real Madrid players) to lock down the space behind the defence – something Liverpool really like to exploit. We use long balls to cut into the weak spots of the team’s two corridors. Kop. Their flanks – defenders often attack high and leave Too much space.”

As calculated by the Italian military leaders, Real opened the scoring and ended the game with an extremely quick and accurate counter-attack.

Carlo Ancelotti: 'It was too easy to beat Liverpool' 142867
Vinicius’ goal reflects the correctness of Ancelotti’s tactics.Photo: Internet

With the ball on the right flank, F. Valverde accelerates quickly and then stretches out to the opposite flank, giving Vinicius an easy pass through Trent-A. Arnold then hit goalkeeper Allison Becker.

This goal also brought Real Madrid its 14th Champions League title. In addition, coach Ancelotti also has his own 4 times to lift the prestigious elephant ear trophy. Beat a legend on the dugout like Sir Alex or Zidane Zidane.

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Highlights Liverpool 0-1 Real Madrid. Source: FPT Play