Crystal Palace win: Red Devils challenge Premier League

19 Th7 2022 | 19:14

The Red Devils continued their stellar run against Crystal Palace this afternoon, and they kept showing positivity from the game to the mental outlook of their players.

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Manchester United beat Crystal Palace 3-1 In his third friendly of the summer. The Red Devils continued to impress against their opponents, with a very good second half. Manchester United have won 3 consecutive friendly games, scoring 10 goals and conceding only 2 goals. Old Trafford really changed at the hands of Eric Ten Hager.

Over the past three games, United’s almost entire squad has not been as impressive as it was last season in the last three games of all three tiers. De Gea knows how to take the initiative in the box, Dalot and Malaysia had a great game on the wing in 60 minutes, especially with the Sancho Rashford-Martial trio together for the finale. The Red Devils brought 3 goals. In the final 25 minutes of the game, the substitutes and young players showed more or less progress.

Sancho finds himself again at Dortmund with his sharp dribbling and shooting

From the gameplay to the player spirit, it’s really a very different Manchester United. There is always a desire in the run and scrimmage. The concept of “pop like a man” has been around for a long time, and until today’s game, every ball is handled quickly and accurately, usually a 2-0 goal. Rashford. With the current extremely high performance, the Red Devils fans are very eager to keep their team in the new season, which is considered to be a crucial season for Eric ten Hager.

The goal to make it 2-0 bears MU’s bold tactical stamp

Manchester United’s three-game winning streak, razor-sharp attack and solid defence are challenging the entire Premier League squad as they prepare to return to title contention with Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea in next season’s Premier League. Clearly, this has been the most anticipated season for the Red Devils since Sir Alex’s return, bringing a certain amount of excitement to the crowd.

Vanderbilt Crashford
Van de Beek also had a great game when he came on in the second half

MU is having a very successful summer as they bring in quality signings on and off the pitch and changes throughout the squad. It may be too early to tell, but Manchester United are likely to ‘storm’ in the Premier League and Europa League Eric Ten Hager’s Radical Reforms.

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