Djokovic sues Australia for nearly 100 billion dong, the risk of a new ban?

21 Th1 2022 | 12:51

(Tennis news) International media reported that Djokovic will sue the Australian government to demand compensation for nearly 100 billion VND.

World No. 1 tennis player Novak Djokovic is working with legal advisers to discuss a lawsuit against the Australian government for mistreating him while he was detained in the country. Djokovic entered Australia on January 6, 2022 with the intention of competing in the Australian Open, but was held back and twice canceled his visa due to not meeting the conditions.

Djokovic sues Australia for nearly 100 billion dong, the risk of a new ban? - first

Novak Djokovic

According to sources, Djokovic is demanding a compensation amount of about 4.35 million USD (equivalent to about 99 billion VND) from the Australian government. This amount is said to include the prize money for the Australian Open 2022, arguing that the national government has prevented Djokovic from defending his title and winning the prize money he should have. benefit if crowned.

The Sun newspaper (UK) cites an unnamed source who is said to be an acquaintance of Edoardo Artladi, who is representing Djokovic. The source revealed: “Novak and his family feel that Novak has been mistreated in the hotel in Melbourne where Novak is being quarantined pending immigration clearance. Novak’s mother revealed that the hotel was full of fleas and maggots, and he was like a prisoner in custody.”

In addition, Djokovic is said to have complained that he was not allowed to bring his personal chef with him to maintain a strict diet, nor was he allowed to move to another hotel so he could practice.

Djokovic is now back in Serbia, he was greeted as a hero in Belgrade. The tennis player has yet to issue a new official statement on the case, and the London law firm representing Djokovic also declined to comment after being contacted by the Australian press and questioned about the lawsuit. chant.

Djokovic’s opportunity to attend upcoming tournaments is very dark. Not only are countries stricter in the issue of vaccination, recently the ATP said that in tournaments where vaccines are not mandatory, they will also require only vaccinated players to use the locker room, even those who are not vaccinated. People like Djokovic (if not vaccinated) will be banned from going to the training ground, gym, restaurant, and hotel serving the tournament.