It’s clear why Frankie de Jong rejected Mu: ‘The Red Devils should accept the truth’

21 Th7 2022 | 19:20

Mourinho’s deal to sign De Jong has gradually stalled. Recently, the Spanish media revealed the reason why De Jong firmly refused to join Old Trafford.

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Recently, MU has made a drastic move to win the signature of talented midfielder Frenkie de Jong from Barcelona. Even the Red Devils have reached an agreement with the “Catalan giants” on the transfer price, and the Reds accepted a £72 million insurance fee to get the midfielder. Old Trafford, however, could not convince De Jong to nod.

It's clear why Frankie de Jong rejected MU: 'The Red Devils should accept the truth' 160810
Despite the tireless efforts of Old Trafford, De Jong resolutely rejected Mourinho.Photo: Internet

Recently, the Spanish “Sports newspaper” disclosed the reason why the Dutch player has been rejecting the Red Devils. The main problem is that De Jong doesn’t trust a team that lacks consistency like MU. Old Trafford has been left behind by rivals in the Premier League over the past 10 years, with fluctuations in the dugout and a weak face. The instability of the Red Devils will surely make any star consider a move.

De Jong revealed to his close friends that even after the appointment of coach Eric Ten Haag, he does not believe MU can regain its former position. In addition, if he comes to Old Trafford, De Jong will not be able to play in the C1 Cup next season, but only in the Europa League. This means that the midfielder wearing the No. 21 shirt is unlikely to agree to join Manchester United.

It's clear why Frankie de Jong rejected MU: 'The Red Devils should accept the truth' 160813
The lack of stability was one of the reasons why De Jong rejected MU.Photo: Internet

If he is forced to leave Barcelona this summer, the only destination De Jong wants to go to is Bayern Munich, where his close friend in an old Ajax shirt, Mattis de Ligt.

It's clear why Frankie de Jong rejected MU: 'The Red Devils should accept the truth' 160815
If he has to leave Camp Nou this summer, Bayern Munich is the only place De Jong wants to be.Photo: Internet

This latest news is sure to be a huge disappointment for the Red Devils, as Frenkie de Jong is the team’s number one hope this summer and Mourinho has worked so hard to get his nod. However, just like one-sided love, the more you love, the more you pursue, the more you hope…the more bitter the reward!

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