It’s over, Man Utd

07 Th3 2022 | 10:53

 A very disappointing match when Manchester United received a heavy defeat against great rivals Manchester City.

Ralf Rangnick in Man Utd’s press conference

The warnings came before Man Utd faced a very difficult schedule. Atletico Madrid, Watford, Man City, Tottenham and Liverpool in turn wait for the Red Devils in the intense tourmalet.

However, things went awry from the very beginning. In the last 3 matches, Man Utd did not win a single victory. After the draw with Atletico Madrid, Man Utd continued to disappoint when Watford were held in the Premier League.
It's over Man Utd - Football

 Bad performance.

In the context of Arsenal blowing hot air on the nape of the neck, the Red Devils hope to make a difference in their trip to the Etihad Stadium. But before Man City, the Old Trafford team was completely inferior.

Failure with a score of 1-4 reflects the true situation of the match. Man City played like a scrim and easily destroyed the great rival. Without any miracles, the defeat to Man City pushed teachers and coaches Ralf Rangnick deep into crisis.

Now, Man Utd has been knocked out of the Top 4 by Arsenal by Arsenal. They are “only” 1 point behind Arsenal but have played 3 more matches. In the near future, Man Utd will continue to face Tottenham, Liverpool and Leicester City in the Premier League.

With the current form, it is very difficult for Man Utd to make things happen. When Arsenal are playing too stable, perhaps the gap with the Top 4 will be widened. It is no exaggeration to say that the defeat to Man City is like the end for Man Utd.
It's over Man Utd - Football

 There is no hope for the Red Devils.

Don’t expect Man Utd to win the Champions League. Even if they overcome Atletico Madrid, the Red Devils are still very unlikely to go deep in the continent’s top league. In other words, Man Utd is facing a completely failed season.

The presence of Cristiano Ronaldo, Raphael Varane and Jadon Sancho could not bring a boost to Man Utd. From second place in the Premier League last season, Man Utd gradually lost hope of winning tickets to the Champions League.

Changed the general but the situation did not improve much. Perhaps even coach Ralf Ragnick was helpless. Any way out for Man Utd at this time? Morale is very low and it is not easy for Man Utd to bounce back for the rest of the season.

Perhaps Man Utd can only rely on a new coach. But with the current situation, will Mauricio Pochettino or Erik ten Hag risk leading Man Utd? 

In the immediate future, the season is considered to be over for Man Utd. There is no hope left.