Manchester City news today: Haaland’s opening game revealed, Browne gets a privilege no one else has

13 Th6 2022 | 23:58

Haaland opener kicked off; Bruyne privileged; Citizens send Phillips an invitation to recruit Phillips… Today 14 June City update.

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Reveal match Erling Haaland makes his Premier League debut

recent twitter page The Premier League Sharing Manchester City’s announcement of a deal for Haaland, they inadvertently revealed the team’s first game of next season at the Etihad Stadium. So they share the same Bournemouth status line as the hourglass icon. The post was later deleted.

It is understood that the Premier League schedule is expected to be announced in the middle of this week.

The Premier League website accidentally revealed Manchester City’s first opponent for next season, which is almost certainly Haaland’s debut.screenshot

Kevin De Bruyne gets privilege

Midfielder Kevin De Bruyne currently plays for Belgium Nations League, they played a game with Poland in the early hours of June 15, but now Manchester City players have been given the privilege of leaving the team a few days early for the summer break. This is the privilege of the Belgian coaching staff for Kevin De Bruyne, who played nonstop at Manchester City last season.

Kevin De Bruyne
Kevin De Bruyne has been given a break by the Belgian coach against Poland to get into the summer break early.Photo: Getty

Submit Job Phillips

Manchester City have offered to recruit Leeds United star Calvin Phillips, exclusive sources from Football Insider claim. The source added that Guardiola, a big fan of Phillips’ talent, has made it clear to City that he wants to have the player next season. Phillips’ contract with Leeds expires in 2024 and is worth around £50m.

After Erling Haaland, Manchester City have entered a recruitment drive for Leeds United’s Phillips. It is understood that official offers have been sent to partners by The Citizens.Photo: Getty

Citizen announces deal with Erling Haaland

Recently, Manchester City officially announced the trade of Erling Haaland, the striker followed in the footsteps of his biological father Alf-Inge Haaland, wearing the Manchester half blue jersey. Haaland is understood to have signed a five-year contract with the Citizens and is paid around £500,000 a week.

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Image Erling Haaland has officially signed for Manchester City, opting for England over a big man like Real Madrid, Barca or Paris Saint-Germain.Photo: Getty

What did ‘Blockbuster’ say on Manchester City’s debut day?

After the official signing, striker Erling Haaland shared on the Manchester City homepage that he has revealed his reasons for accepting the Citizens despite receiving many enticing offers from Real Madrid, Barcelona or Manchester United.

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Haaland has reason to choose Manchester City over European giants, including Champions League champions Los Blancos.Photo: Manchester City

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