MU’s 90 minutes of hard work helped Arsenal find true love in attack

24 Th2 2022 | 09:54

 The Gunners will have more reason to pursue the Atletico Madrid star, after the recent impressive performance.

Felix’s Progress

In the recent encounter with Man Utd, Joao Felix had a performance that exceeded the expectations of Atletico Madrid fans.

Instead of choosing Luis Suarez or Antoine Griezmann, coach Diego Simeone decided to use Portuguese talent in the hope that his youth and agility would cause difficulties for the tall central defenders on the Red Devils side.
Felix - Football

 Felix’s impressive performance against Man Utd.

The calculation from the captain was somewhat accurate, when Felix constantly created discomfort for the Man Utd defense. The former Benfica player often creates high pressing situations, embarrassing Harry Maguire or even Raphael Varane.

And just 7 minutes, he created the biggest highlight of the game, with an unbelievable header that made De Gea stand still. More importantly, despite being accompanied by a star with a height of up to 1m94, with the ability to choose a position and read the situation well, Felix entered the penalty area earlier to surprise the opponent.

Not only that, the Portuguese star is also impressed by his long passes. According to statistics from Statman Dave, all the long balls that come from Felix’s feet find the right address. Besides scoring the opening goal, he also created a clear scoring opportunity for his teammates.

Although the body is quite thin, with agility and cunning, the most expensive contract in Atletico Madrid history still knows how to overwhelm opponents in situations of hand-to-hand disputes on the ground (4/6 phases). win-win).

With what Felix has just shown, Arsenal will surely have more reasons to spend their money to recruit the striker born in 1999.
Felix - Football

 Felix caused many difficulties for the Man Utd defense.

The Gunners will almost certainly have to add firepower to the attack, with the duo Alexandre Lacazette and Eddie Nketiah almost certain to leave on a free transfer at the end of the season. Therefore, recently there have appeared many potential targets for them, including Felix.

But compared to Alexander Isak or Raul de Tomas, the former Benfica prodigy proved to be more suitable because his playing style is quite similar to Lacazette.

It can be seen that Felix is ​​the type of player who works hard to step back and put pressure on the opponent and participates a lot in organizing the ball. Therefore, if he is determined to recruit Felix, coach Mikel Arteta will not need to adjust much in terms of gameplay. At the same time, it is promised that the star born in 1999 will soon integrate into the new environment.

Besides, with Felix’s impressive ability to “attract people” and pass long, fast machines like Bukayo Saka or Gabriel Martinelli will have more acting ground.

Finally, in the context that Arsenal is prioritizing the creation of a young generation with rich potential, in order to help the club regain its position in the future, a 22-year-old star like Felix would be a more suitable target. . However, the Gunners will probably spend a huge amount of money to own this talent.