Nevada announces proof of vaccination process for men’s and women’s basketball

26 Th11 2021 | 03:04

RENO, Nev. – Nevada Athletics has announced a partnership with Fobi’s CheckVax™ to assist with proof of vaccination at men’s and women’s basketball games during the 2021-22 season, beginning with Nov. 9’s men’s home opener against Eastern Washington, and Nov. 10’s women’s home opener against Saint Mary’s.

Fobi features a simple proof of vaccination process that allows for a one-time verification of vaccine via an App-less process. Fans will be able to use a web-based pass to show confirmation of vaccination at the arena doors. This pass can be accessed each game via a text or e-mail message link or saved in the native wallets that are embedded in every Apple and Android mobile phone globally.

Nevada Athletics will provide additional details regarding the proof of vaccination process in an e-mail to all season ticket, mini-plan and single-game ticket purchasers. Fans may complete the proof of vaccination at the following link:

Nevada Athletics announced Oct. 27 that it will require all attendees at men’s and women’s basketball home games to show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination, allowing fans to attend games without a mask. Partial vaccinations will not be accepted. Athletics will implement this policy, in accordance with the Emergency Directive from Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak regarding large events. Medical and religious exemptions will also not be accepted, in accordance with the state directive.

Currently, attendees under the age of 12 will be allowed into Lawlor but must wear a mask. Children ages 2-and-under do not have to wear a mask. Athletics will continue to monitor state, county, and local guidelines, and will adjust policies as needed.

About the Verification Process

  1. Fans will either scan the provided QR code using the camera app on their phone or visit
  2. Fans will enter their name, cell number, e-mail and upload an image of a vaccination card or other proof of vaccination, a government-issued ID, and a selfie.
  3. Once the submission is reviewed and approved, fans will be sent an SMS text and e-mail confirmation that will include a link to their Web Pass.
  4. At the game, simply click the Web Pass link in your e-mail or text. This will be the quickest and most direct way to access your Web Pass. This will bring up an image of your selfie and a flashing green check mark.
  5. You can also download the verification to your Apple or Google Wallet. To access your web pass from your wallet, open your Wallet App (can’t be done if screen is locked) and open the Check Vax Card. From there Apple users can click the 3 buttons in the top right corner, and then click Verification Webpage to access your Web Pass. Google users will need to bring up the Check Vax Card in your wallet and hit the details button to access the Web Pass.
  6. Fans who complete the verification process prior to arriving at Lawlor Events Center will have the most expedited entry into games.
  7. There will be a manual proof of vaccination check line that will allow for fans to show an actual vaccination card along with a photo ID.
  8. Children aged 12 and older may use school cards, passports, and other government-issued photo identification for the verification process.
  9. What if someone doesn’t have access to a mobile phone? One member of the family may complete the CheckVax™ registration for members that do not have access to a mobile device. To do this complete the registration process for each person on the same mobile device. Each individual CheckVax™ pass and links will then be available on a single phone.

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