Neymar demonstrates the technique of making opponents bow on the field

31 Th12 2021 | 09:25

This humorous situation happened in a friendly match in Brazil in 2016 to raise money to support Chapecoense football team. With the nature of the match, the stars from Samba freely show off their individual techniques.

The highlight of the match belonged to Neymar. In a dribble on the left flank, Neymar faced his opponent’s Fred. Immediately, Fred knelt down on the field and bowed to Neymar as if he wanted the Brazilian superstar to stop performing his technique. However, Fred’s actions did not work when Neymar continued to show off to overcome two opposing players.
In this match, Neymar’s team defeated the opponent with a score of 13-9 and the superstar born in 1992 scored 4 goals.