Pique talks about Real Madrid’s penalty

10 Th1 2022 | 12:07

The Barcelona midfielder was not pleased to see Real receive a penalty in the 4-1 win over Valencia in round 20 of La Liga.

On the official fanpage, Valencia posted the status line: “The Madrid robbery is repeating”. “Los Che” uses the famous movie “Money Heist” to talk about the decision to give Real Madrid an incorrect penalty in the 43rd minute.

Not long after, Gerard Pique replied: “Stop talking too loud if you don’t want to be punished.”

In the 43rd minute of the match between Real Madrid and Valencia, when the score was 0-0, the referee Hernandez gave the host a penalty after Casemiro fell in the penalty area. Mr. Hernandez determined that there was a mistake by midfielder Alderete.

Karim Benzema took advantage of the opportunity from the 11-meter mark to score his 300th career goal, thereby opening the 4-1 victory for Real. Before this goal, Valencia played well and caused quite a lot of difficulties for the host.

Speaking after the match, coach Jose Bordalas confirmed the referee’s wrong decision changed the game: “At half-time, I watched the slow-motion video and realized it was not a penalty. Temple. Alderete won the challenge. Casemiro was the man to influence, but he was cunning enough to turn it into a situation that brought the penalty.”

“Conceding a goal before the break changed everything. I cannot be satisfied,” emphasized Mr. Bordalas.

Victory over Valencia helps Real temporarily increase the gap with Sevilla to 8 points, but has played 2 more matches than the opponent. Meanwhile, Barca fell to victory in the 89th minute against Granada and continued to stomp outside the Champions League group.

In the morning of January 13 (Hanoi time), Real and Barca will face off in the semi-finals of the Spanish Super Cup.