Pros and cons of Lionel Messi’s return to Barcelona

01 Th4 2022 | 11:58

 The future of the Argentine superstar is a hot topic of media discussion.

Messi trains with Argentina national team

If Xavi, Pedri or Sergio Busquets all “speak” to want Messi to return to Camp Nou, then president Joan Laporta bluntly affirmed that the club does not have this intention at the moment. If you bring El Pulga to Cam Nou, what will the Blaugrana gain and lose?


If this deal happens, it will certainly create a media explosion, similar to how Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Man Utd last summer. For those who cried on the day Messi left the club, they will once again shed tears of happiness when they see the Argentine legend return.
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 Joan Laporta said there was no intention of bringing Messi back.

The period that El Pulga devoted to the Blaugrana really created a new history page for the Catalunya team. With Barca, Messi has won 10 La Liga and 4 Champions League. With Leo in the squad, the Camp Nou team will certainly gain more confidence in the journey to conquer the title.

In terms of financial factors, Barca will certainly attract huge advertising contracts. Messi is a brand that any sponsor wants to exploit. The number of spectators flocking to Camp Nou to watch El Pulga play will also increase significantly.


President Joan Laporta said Barca is in the process of building a new squad, taking young factors as the core. The Catalunya giants have made a significant change, not only in terms of gameplay but also in terms of achievements. Blaugrana is now an equal, cohesive and independent collective.

Coach Xavi said that every player in his squad must play pressing. If Messi returns, this will certainly affect the tactical system that Xavi is building. El Pulga is now considered a “weakness” of PSG when the home team does not have the ball, when the 34-year-old striker almost “walks” when the whole team has to defend.
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Can Messi affect the system that Xavi built? 

Since Messi left, Barca have built a new style dressing room. There is a similarity between the gods and the young players. The return of El Pulga is likely to mess this up. There are rumors that Gerard Pique, Ter Stegen and Ansu Fati do not want Messi to return to the Camp Nou.

Joan Laporta may have seen Man Utd’s lesson from the Ronaldo deal. The majority of fans will support Barca to bring Messi back, but it is unlikely that they will gain more than they lose.

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