Ronaldo publicly voiced his support for Rangnick, aiming for MU to be in the top 3

13 Th1 2022 | 13:19

Ronaldo expressed his support for coach Rangnick and set a goal of being in the top 3 for MU.

Cristiano Ronaldo gave an interview to Sky Sports TV channel and in this interview he voiced his support for coach Ralf Rangnick. CR7 revealed what the German military leader has done at MU since he took the lead, but emphasized that success cannot be achieved overnight for the club.

HLV Rangnick & Ronaldo

HLV Rangnick & Ronaldo

“He came here five weeks ago and has changed a lot of things, but he also needs time. I believe Ralf is working very well, we know we are not playing the best football we can but we need many games to improve that,” Ronaldo said.

“Since Ralf arrived, we have improved in a number of ways. It is not easy to change the thinking of the players, they are too used to a football system and culture here. I believe in Ralf.”

Ronaldo also emphasized that MU players now have to stand together even more to overcome a difficult season. Even the Portuguese player is optimistic that MU can get better results than just getting into the top 4.

“We have to work together, from the very beginning we knew this season was not going to be easy. In this new year, everyone must have faith and change in a positive direction, so that they can achieve achievements this season. I don’t think it’s good to change too much, but we can do it,” he shared.

“Work harder, be more professional, work together better to change the situation. My teammates and I know we’re not at our best at the moment, but I believe our efforts will bring good results this season. MU will not accept a result worse than the top 3 in the Premier League.”