Silly “self-destruct”, fans received a very heavy penalty

19 Th3 2022 | 09:29

 Disruptive fans at Goodison Park had to receive their consequences from the authorities.

Video Alli interview at Everton

Louis McKechnie stopped the game in the second half at Goodison Park between Everton – Newcastle United. He tied himself to a vertical post to protest against the consumption of oil. He was then taken away by the security team at the field and made up for 14 minutes.

The attention-grabbing incident on the field caused this young fan to be in trouble. Specifically, McKechnie was charged for his actions and he was banned from all sports venues around the country. Accordingly, West Merseyside Police made an official announcement:

Protesters accuse Everton-Newcastle incident - Football

 McKechnie is banned from stadiums across England.

“A man from Weymouth has been charged following confirmation of running on the field during Everton’s Premier League match against Newcastle United at Goodison Park last night. At around 8:55pm it was reported that a man interrupted the game by running down the field and tying himself to the post at Howard Kendall Gwladys Street End.”

“Louis McKechnie, 21, has been charged with Encroachment and Trespassing. He will appear at Liverpool Community Justice Court on Tuesday 19 April 2022. He has been released on bail and is barred from participating. attend any venue held for a football match, as well as any sporting venue used for a televised event and any venue used for a televised event in England and Wales.”