The lore of Newcastle 5 goals is not removed, Manchester City returns to the top of the Premier League

08 Th5 2022 | 17:34

(Manchester City vs Newcastle football result) – A 5-star home win over Newcastle helped Manchester City overtake Liverpool for the remainder of the title race.

City entered the game at a leisurely pace, rather than aggressively charging their opponents from the start. Part of that may be because their mentality is still affected after last week’s loss to Real Madrid.

Although actively playing slowly in the middle, Manchester City players can still make it difficult for their opponents to defend. De Bruyne’s consecutive good balls allowed Sterling to escape and threaten Newcastle’s goal. The midfielder also had some dangerous crosses to Cancelo on the right flank, but the defender sadly missed.

In the 19th minute, Gundogan made a precise cross, and Cancelo in the penalty area headed the goal wide of the far post. The England striker then headed home from close range, easily putting the ball into the net and opening the scoring for Manchester City.

Newcastle responded immediately after the 24th minute, when the visitors netted the ball after a messy corner. However, one of Chichiche’s players was caught offside earlier.

In the next situation, Manchester City immediately counterattacked and cooperated well on the right. Sterling dribbled the ball smoothly and Cancelo broke into the penalty area. The 27-year-old defender took advantage of the opportunity to launch a powerful kick into the visitors goal, but the angle of the shot was quite narrow. City have yet to score a second.

In the next few minutes, the home team began to slow down the game, almost only opening the opposition line through the midfield. In the 37th minute, Gundogan received the ball from a corner kick and then threw a powerful shot towards Dubravka’s goal.

The goalie can make saves, but can’t catch the ball. Manchester City’s centre-back duo appeared at the right time and seized the opportunity to counterattack. Laporte was the one who doubled the lead for Manchester City.

The Citizens continued to sway Newcastle’s defense in the closing minutes of the first half as Cancelo climbed and dribbled technically. The Portuguese had an impressive half and just lacked the luck to own a goal.

Although Manchester City played not too overwhelming in the first half, they still easily took a 2-goal lead.

In the second half, Pep’s army continued to show an advantage over their opponents. In the first 10 minutes of half-time, Manchester City had 94% of the ball.

Every time there is the ball, the home team will continue to create the situation of spiking the ball in the middle to open the opponent’s defense. In the 60th minute, De Bruyne took a corner kick again and made a precise cross to the near post, creating a chance for Rodri to score a header.

3 goals lead, 3 points are almost firmly in the hands of Manchester City. However, Guardiola’s army doesn’t seem to want to stop. The blue shirts continued to push the team higher and did not let Newcastle play.

The defender duo Zinchenko Cancelo continued to be a bright spot, with consecutive dangerous shots from long distances. Thanks to a brilliant performance from goalkeeper Dubravka, he was able to help Cheek not have to net for the fourth time.

Live Manchester City 5-0 Newcastle: Manchester City 5-star victory 134683
Sterling completes double to mark Manchester City’s five-star home win

In the 90th to 92nd minutes, Foden and Sterling scored respectively, completing a 5-star victory for the Citizens. This result not only helped Manchester City regain the top spot from Liverpool, but also widened the difference between the two teams to three points. They also prevailed to take the lead in the remaining title race.


Manchester City 5-0

Sterling finished his doubles.


Manchester City 4-0

Phil Foden’s goal

eighty seven’

Aymeric Laporte leaves the pitch to make way for young player Egan-Riley


Newcastle Opportunities

Saint-Maxime shot over the bar.


De Braun’s Gold Card

Belgian forced to foul to stop St. Maxime’s counter-attack

Newcastle made their final substitution, with Jacob Murphy replacing Miguel Almiron.

seventy three’


Russell’s header was too light.


Dan Bourne Gold Card


Newcastle Substitution

Krafts, Wood leave pitch to make way for Trippier and Wilson

sixty seven’


Zinchenko’s precise shot from the left did not pass Dubravka


Foden comes in

Gabriel Jesus is on vacation



Direct Manchester City 3-0 Newcastle: Manchester City get third goal 134676

De Bruyne took a right corner kick, created a chance for Rodri, headed the goal, and Newcastle scored.


The home team continued to create the situation of spiking the ball in the middle to open the opponent’s defense.

Do Not Enter

San Maximi broke through Cancelo, but his long-range shot was terrible.



In the first 10 minutes of the second half, Manchester City had 94% of the ball.


Manchester City lost

Centre-back Ruben Dias had to leave the field due to injury.

Captain Fernandinho is the substitute.

time 2 starts

End of round 1

2 minutes of overtime in the first half


Manchester City 2-0

In the case of a corner, Gundogan received the ball from the second line and fired a powerful shot into Dubravka’s goal.

The goalie can make saves, but can’t catch the ball. Manchester City’s central defender duo quickly took the opportunity to counterattack. Laporte was the one who doubled the lead for Manchester City.


Do Not Enter

The combination of Sterling and Cancelo on the right flank saw the 27-year-old defender take advantage of the opportunity to launch a powerful kick into the away goal, but from a rather narrow angle. City have yet to score a second.

twenty four’

vietnamese three

Newcastle took the corner and put the ball into the net, but one of the visitors was caught offside early.



Manchester City lead 1-0

Gundogan made a precise cross, and Cancelo in the penalty area headed the goal and passed it to Sterling at the far post.

The England striker then easily netted the ball to give City a 1-0 lead.


Do Not Enter

De Bruyne made a cross from the left, Cancelo broke into the penalty area and volleyed the ball wide.


Do Not Enter

Laporte kicks the sky



Chris Wood’s header was a little gentle. Newcastle have yet to score.


Do Not Enter

Kevin De Bruyne takes a free kick

Game start

Newcastle were the first to serve.

The team came to the field

  • Manchester City (4-3-3): Ederson, Cancelo, Dias, Laporte, Zinchenko, Rodrigo, De Bruyne, Gundogan, Grealish, Sterling, Jesus
  • Newcastle (4-3-3): Dubravka; Kraves, Russells, Byrne, Target; Longstaff, Joelinton, Guimaraes; Almiron, Wood, St. Maxime

Champions League semi-final eliminated This year has undoubtedly dealt a blow to City’s ambitions to win the Double this season.

However, what the Green Man needs to do most now is to revive his spirit and focus on the Premier League in the face of Liverpool’s fierce pursuit.

Live City vs Newcastle, today 5th August 22:30 134502
Pep pupils need quick recovery after Champions League knockout

After the seventh round of the series, the Cope team temporarily rose to the top of the standings with 83 points, level with Manchester City but played more than one game.

So Pep’s side just need a 2-goal victory against Newcastle tonight Take back the top spot and widen the gap with your opponentsAnd, a win at home will help the Blue Shirts mitigate their midweek C1 Cup loss to some extent.

In addition to home-court advantage, the adversarial parameters are also on the side of Pep’s army. Statistically, Newcastle have never won a game against Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium. Specifically, Chic Che has not won in their last 16 games as a Citizens away team, including a 12-game losing streak.

Live City vs Newcastle, today 5th August 22:30 134503
Manchester City have won their last 6 home games against Newcastle

To make matters worse, Newcastle have lost almost all of their last six away games to Manchester. Specifically, during this period, Chichiche netted 23 times (an average of nearly 4 goals per game) and only scored 3 goals.

Of course, Manchester City can’t be subjective, because they need to win the remaining 4 games to determine the championship. Especially when the opponent here is Newcastle, the team did quite well in the second leg.

Live City vs Newcastle, today 5th August 22:30 134504
The team with the third most points in the entire tournament since the beginning of 2022 is also not in middling form

With 32 points in the Premier League since the start of 2022, Newcastle is third in the entire competition behind Liverpool (41) and Manchester City themselves (33).

So Pep’s army needs to put aside the grief known as the Champions League for a while, with high concentration, Everyone is fighting for the ultimate goal, which is the Premier League. Just three points would help the Etihad Stadium team regain and firmly establish themselves as the top spot.

When is the match time of Manchester City vs Newcastle?

  • Time: 22:30, today 8/5

  • Match: Round 36 Premier League

  • Venue: Etihad Stadium, Manchester City, England.

Where can I watch Manchester City vs Newcastle live? which channel?

Currently, K+ TV is broadcasting the Premier League matches exclusively in Vietnam. You can sign up for a service pack to fully enjoy the match between Manchester City and Newcastle.

In addition, the game will be broadcast live in this article and we invite you to watch it.

Key stats ahead of Manchester City vs Newcastle

  • 3 or more goals in the last 6 games Manchester City
  • 3 or more goals scored in the last 5 home games Manchester City
  • Manchester City Scored goals in the second half of the last 6 games
  • Manchester City Won the last 8/10 home games against Newcastle by 2 or more goals
  • Manchester City In their last 5/10 games, both teams have won in the first half against Newcastle
  • Manchester City 1st in the last 5/6 home game against Newcastle
  • last 4 games new castle More goals in the first half

Manchester City vs Newcastle Power Information

  • New Castle: Trippier, Lewis, Wilson, Hayden and Fraser were injured.

Expected lineup Manchester City vs Newcastle

  • Manchester City (4-3-3): Ederson; Cancelo, Dias, Laporte, Zinchenko; Silva, Rodri, De Bruyne; Mahrez, Jesus, Foden

  • Newcastle (4-3-3): Dubravka; Kraves, Schar, Byrne, Target; Shelvey, Guimaraes, Joelinton; Almiron, Wood, St. Maxime