Two coaches in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers were fired

03 Th2 2022 | 16:39

Zeljko Petrovic of Iraq and Valeriu Tita of the Syrian team lost their jobs after unexpected results in Group A of the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup.

The Iraqi Football Federation (IFA) decided to part ways with coach (coach) Petrovic after his poor performance compared to his predecessor. The Montenegrin military leader earned 2 draws and 1 loss when he took the interim place of Dick Advocaat.

Petrovic took office on November 21, 2021. Previously, coach Advocaat failed to prove his ability with 4 draws and 2 losses in the second and third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup. The Dutch military leader decided to resign.

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Coach Tita (left, Syria) and leader Petrovic (right, Iraq) were fired.

Iraq has 5 points after eight matches in the 3rd qualifying round. They no longer have the opportunity to compete directly for tickets to Qatar. In theory, Iraq is still competing with the UAE and Lebanon to find a place to go to the 4th qualifying round, but their distance with the UAE is 4 points.

IFA held an emergency meeting chaired by President Adnan Darjal, Vice President Ali Jabbar to make many important decisions. The Iraqi team will reform to build a plan for the 2026 World Cup when the chance of next year’s tournament is very low.


Another military leader also lost his job as the coach of the Syria team. This team is at the bottom of Group A, right behind Iraq, with 2 points after 8 rounds. Syria as well as Vietnam have been eliminated in the 3rd qualifying round and have 2 procedural matches left.

Valeriu Tita had to leave after Syria lost 0-2 to South Korea. The Romanian military leader took office in November 2021. His goal was to get points against the UAE and South Korea but failed.

The Syrian Football Federation will find a temporary replacement to take charge of the training for the remaining 2 matches in March. In Group A alone, 4 coaches of the 2 teams lost their jobs.

Meanwhile in Group B, China is the only team that “changes generals” in the middle of the road. Coach Li Tie resigned and Mr. Li Xiaopeng took over. However, Mr. Li Xiaopeng is likely to be fired after losing 1-3 to Vietnam on February 1.

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