UEFA Nations League results today, June 10: Portugal shows strength, Spain wins hard

09 Th6 2022 | 23:17

Please send to readers the results of the matches within the framework of the UEFA Nations League, which takes place today (June 10).

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Portugal 2-0 Czech Republic

Predominant in class and power, Portugal easily beats the Czech Republic In the third game of the Nations League Group A2 in 2022.

Cancelo and Goncalo Guedes scored two goals in the 33rd and 38th minutes respectively, a result that helped Selecao stay at the top of the standings with 7 points in a 3-game winning streak. Meanwhile, the Czech Republic was pushed into third place.

Manchester City star shines to help Portugal top the table on Ronaldo's stealth day - 147052
Portugal top the table with an unbeaten run after 3 games

Spain 1-0 Switzerland

For the remainder of the game, Spain could only win, despite overwhelming their opponents for most of the game. Overall minimum win. The only goal of the game was Sarabia’s in the 13th minute.

UEFA Nations League 10/6 results today: Portugal is strong, Spain is hard to win 147076
Teachers and students of coach Luis Enrique can be satisfied with Switzerland’s lowest win

However, this result was enough to help the Bulls rise to second place in Group A2 with 5 points, only 2 points behind leaders Portugal.

Results of other important matches

  • Greece 3-0 Cyprus
  • Sweden 0-1 Serbia
  • Norway 0-0 Slovenia

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Video goal Portugal 2-0 Czech Republic