Vietnam team in fear of V.League

09 Th3 2022 | 10:26

The decline of HAGL and the inability of Hanoi FC to play brings worry to the Vietnamese team before two matches against Oman and Japan in the World Cup qualifiers later this month.

The first victory over the Chinese team brings hope to the teachers and coaches Park Hang-seo in the rest of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, specifically against Oman. The representative of West Asia is only 3 points ahead of China, which is the most suitable opponent for the ambition of teachers and coaches Park Hang-seo to get more points.

However, that ambition can be prevented by the low performance of many players in the V.League.
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 HAGL has yet to score after 3 rounds, while many of their players are the mainstays of the Vietnamese national team. Photo: Minh Chien.

HAGL is of course the first name mentioned. The defeat to SLNA was their 3rd consecutive loss of points since the beginning of the season. The strange thing is that the mountain army still retains the strongest frame from last season, has stability on the training bench, has added good foreign soldiers. They should have been stronger, showing more impressive performance than last year.

3 rounds have passed, the strongest attack in V.League 2021 has not been able to score. The duo had 13 goals last year, Cong Phuong, Van Toan fell in attack, especially in the position of Cong Phuong, who had too many situations to lose the ball and was a disappointment at Vinh Stadium last weekend. .

Along with Phuong, HAGL’s national team including Xuan Truong, Minh Vuong, Hong Duy, Van Thanh all played poorly, while Tuan Anh had not played any match for 60 minutes. If the situation cannot be improved before Viettel FC on March 11, this group will bring that performance to the Vietnamese team.

While HAGL’s national team is disappointing, their colleagues at Hanoi FC have not even had a chance to do the same because they have not played a match after 4 rounds. The Covid-19 cases made Quang Hai and Hung Dung unable to play and also made them late to focus on the team because of a match on March 16. The Hanoi team’s players have spent about a month and a half without an official match.

5 of the 11 main kick positions of the Vietnamese team before the Chinese team come from these two clubs. Their problems will therefore have a significant impact on the team.
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 Que Ngoc Hai’s return helps SLNA become a more important force in the Vietnamese team. Photo: Minh Chien.

Fortunately for Coach Park Hang-seo, the V.League picture is not only dark areas. The two winning matches with the same difference of 2 goals show that Viettel Club still maintains stability despite the great fluctuations in personnel. The new Golden Ball Hoang Duc still maintains his form, while Bui Tien Dung has scored the first time.

The team that “suck” the Viettel club in the first transfer window of the season, SLNA, made even more impressions. With 3 out of 4 goals scored by Vietnamese players, the Nghe team will bring more options to Coach Park. The return of Ngoc Hai and Trong Hoang to Nghe helped SLNA join the group of clubs that contributed the most to the Vietnamese team.

These are two good news in the gloomy context of HAGL and Hanoi Club. The time between now and the match against Oman is about 2 weeks, the situation can still improve if HAGL improves before Viettel Club (March 11) and Hanoi Club plays 2 rounds of the upcoming V.League.

The Vietnamese team will gather at the beginning of next week after the 4th round of the V.League. The two confrontations with Oman and Japan are also the last matches of the Vietnamese team in the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup in Asia.